The 4th Anniversary of J SHOP’s Nagasaki Fair from July 19 – 21. | Aloha Hotline

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J-Shop Nagasaki Fair

J Shop is a fresh Japanese grocery specialty store.

J SHOP – 4th Anniversary NGASAKI FAIR

Offers Delicious Japanese beef, fresh fish and vegetables from Nagasaki Prefecture.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy the delicious taste of Nagasaki.

There will be a 4th Anniversary Gift of “Kujukushima Senbei" to the first 300 customers.

Besides that, 20% OFF sale is also done for all products (except lunch box, magazines, local vegetables and local bread) such as Wagyu beef and fish and shellfish.

Please go to J Shop the 4th Anniversary Event – NAGASAKi FAIR and 20% OFF SALE!

July 19 (Thu) – 20 (Fri) – 21 (Sat) /10 am – 7:00 pm