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どのようなスペシャルでしょうか?(期間、時間、内容、方法、デリバーかピックアップかなど)/ Please share your days and hours of operation AND any specials. Do you have TAKEOUT ONLY or DELIVERY (Is there a delivery charge?) *Required

スペシャルの写真(メニューなど添付3枚まで)/ Please attach up to 3 photos. Please attach menu


申込規約 / Terms and Conditions *Required

By submitting the information for your business, you agree that KZOO Radio has the right to air the information provided on the radio and on posted on its website. If there are any changes, you are responsible to provide the updated information by email to: AND please write your business name and the word UPDATE in the subject line. Due to the fact that this is a complimentary service, KZOO Radio will not be responsible for any errors on the radio and/or website, except to offer a one time retraction if notified in writing by the designated person listed on the original request form. もし情報内容を更新する場合はメールKzooOhana@gmail.comまでご連絡ください。その場合は必ず店舗名と担当者のお名前をご記入下さい。