【News】HMSAパートナーCarelon Behavioral Healthが無料カウンセリングサービスをスタート

HMSA partner Carelon Behavioral Health to provide
free counseling services for Maui

HMSAのパートナーCarelon Behavioral Health が提供するマウイ島の無料カウンセリングサービスのご案内

HMSAハワイ医療サービス協会のパートナー、Carelon Behavioral Health は、

マウイ島の山火事の影響を受けた人をサポートするために無料のカウンセリング サービスを提供しています。

精神的にお困りの方は、専用サポート ライン 1 (800) 580-6934 に電話してください。







Carelon Behavioral Health カウンセラーが 24 時間年中無休でケアをし、




詳細と最新情報については、 をご覧ください。



HONOLULU, HI – The Hawai‘i Medical Service Association’s partner, Carelon Behavioral Health, is offering free counseling services to support anyone affected by the wildfires on Maui. People in need can call the dedicated support line at 1 (800) 580-6934.

“We are working with the entire health care community to stand united in this effort to help Maui recover and rebuild,” said Stefanie Park, M.D., vice president, chief medical officer, HMSA. “This disaster has been traumatic for so many people and we encourage anyone in need of mental health support to reach out and take advantage of this free service.”

For those in need of mental assistance, Carelon Behavioral Health counselors are available 24/7 to listen to concerns and help solve problems during this challenging time. Counselors will help callers manage their stress and assist by determining next steps they can take to care for themselves and their families.

Carelon® is an independent company providing behavioral health utilization management and quality improvement services on behalf of HMSA.

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